About Gene Piver

Gene Piver

Gene Piver began his adult life finishing up a 3 years stint in the military with an honorable discharge. This was to be the high point for awhile. It soon dissipated into a drug addiction lifestyle that was not to end for 15 years. Finally, Gene found hope in the form of a treatment program where other addicts were trying to fight off the dependency on drugs. It might have been dependency on sex, food, gambling, work, or some other obsession, but for this group it was drugs. Gene struggled and found the honesty and openness it requires to find success.

Gene went on to accumulate over 30 years clean and sober, and in the process of getting to really know himself, he also learned he has a knack for helping others with addiction problems. He does not consider himself cured, and still practices a personal program to ensure his sobriety.

Gene's first efforts to help others, after himself, were directed towards drug addiction. After earning his masters degree and California state license (#25771) he began treating those with sex related issues. This valuable experience eventually evolved into a specialty of treating sex addiction. Individual sessions, couples counseling and group therapy facilitation find Gene right at home fighting against addiction, whether it be due to a substance or a process that is out of control.

30 years of practice centering on the following issues

  • Sex addiction
  • Drug addiction
  • Family incest (whole family includes offender, victim and non-offender in separate treatment)
  • Exhibitionism
  • Voyeurism
  • Sex offenders referred by county probation. Crimes of opportunity, not pedophiles

Stanley "Gene" Piver, MFT
California License #25771
Clinical Memberships at:
American Association of Marriage, Family Therapists
California Association of Marriage, Family Therapists
East Bay Association of Mariage, Family Therapists