Getting Help for Sexual Addiction

Choose The Right Therapist

Criteria to check on that will help you decide if a therapist is right for you include:

  • A good competent therapist starts with a masters or a doctorate degree in a field of mental health.
  • Has had actual training or practice in psychotherapy. Psychotherapy simply cannot be learned out of a book or in a classroom.
  • The therapist is pronounced worthy by an authority to which s/he will then be accountable (a government licensing board).

Some questions to ask

  • What expertise do you have with my type of problem?
  • What do you think is usually the cause of most people's problems?
  • What is your fee for services?
  • What would my appointment schedule be?

Trust your instincts to determine if the gender of the therapist is a significant issue for you.

During your first meeting pay attention to how you feel in the therapist's presence. Note how "listened to" you feel and how the therapist's style of responding to you and sharing information makes you feel. Observe how you feel as the session progresses, including changes in your level of ease and shifts in the depth of information you reveal.

Remember that therapy is much more than just problem solving. The foundation of good therapy is the relationship you and the therapist build together.

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