Therapy for Sexual Addiction

Specializing in Sex Addiction Modalities

Individual Counseling
Group Counseling
Couples Counseling

Individual Counseling

You meet with a therapist weekly on a one to one basis, or as needed:

  • To uncover the truth and develop openness around the issue of sex addiction behavior.
  • To establish whether a problem exists for you.
  • If a problem does exist you begin the work towards sobriety, which is measured by the decrease or increase of specific behaviors and thoughts or feelings.
  • In depth therapy allows you to understand how you got off a healthy road and into the hands of addiction.
  • This will point to a characteristic about yourself that is at the basis of the problem, or the reason to have chosen a behavior that can only help you gain temporary relief.

Individual counseling allows you to make use of the full attention of a therapist over a period of 50 minutes without any distractions.

Group Counseling

This therapy takes advantage of the contact with several other individuals who are working on the same problem and a facilitator that has expertise in treating sex addiction.

  • These are people that want success for you because they want it for themselves.
  • When you are successful everybody is encouraged and hopeful for the same.
  • Others can help because they see you in a way you have been blind to.
  • The more useful data you acquire the better decisions you can make.

Group counseling allows you to benefit through the interactions of several other people for a period of 90 minutes.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling or marriage therapy, different labels that have the same meaning. It describes a relationship, not one person. In order to understand the relationship, the focus must be on the relationship itself.

Sometimes issues are compounded by addiction problems which require other modalities; individual and/or group therapy precedes or at least works in conjunction with couples therapy. Please note that the addiction problem is a relationship concern even though only one half of the couple presents themselves as sex-addicted. This might mean that the mate or spouse of the admitted sex-addicted person could contribute to the success of the relationship by participating as needed in individual or group therapy.

Couples therapy allows the opportunity to examine the relationship and make healthy adjustments with the qualified objective assistance of a Marriage, Family Therapist in sessions that go for 60-minute periods.